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What is Supervision and How Does it Support Your Development as a Coach?

As coaches so much of our work is done as solo practitioners and, because of the need for strict client confidentiality, it can often feel as if we are in it alone. Coaching supervision provides a time and space to reflect upon and refine your work as a coach with a partner committed to your development.

I must admit, when I first heard the term “coaching supervision,” I found it a bit off-putting.  I soon learned the term can be a bit misleading, in that the role of a coach supervisor is not to provide oversight or approval.  Instead, think of a coach supervisor as a partner who will join and support you in conversations focused on developing and deepening your coaching. 

Coaching supervision sessions are time to pause and reflect on your practice.  It is a safe time and space to step back from the immediacy of that exists in a client discussion, and review experiences from multiple perspectives with a trusted partner.  We may discuss something that has gone well in an engagement, so you can focus on bringing more of what works into your coaching conversations. We will look at situations that did not go as well, with the goal of discovery and growth.   It is also space to work on “self-as-coach”, exploring how we can bring our best selves to our coaching engagements.

How Does Coaching Supervision Work?

Coaching Supervision uses many different modalities to support your development including:

  • Discussing your coaching cases to better understand options for coaching strategies that improve client outcomes.
  • Considering different approaches to complex and challenging client situations.
  • Celebrating accomplishments and thinking about how to leverage strengths in your practice
  • Reflecting on “self as coach” and how you can build awareness and new capabilities to strengthen your practice
  • Exploring ethical issues and contracting challenges.
  • Providing accountability and a sounding board for ideas

How is Coaching Supervision Structured?

Coaching Supervision is offered in 1:1 sessions as well as in a small group format.

Why Individual Supervision?

Individual supervision provides focused individual time to dig into the coaching cases and dig deeper into how you show up as a coach and is foremost on your mind.  The focus is solely on you and your development.

Why Group Supervision?

Group supervision offers the ability to focus on coaching cases and learning opportunities, with a small group of other coaches.  This provides the chance to learn from other coaches' cases and perspectives, as well as the ability to form connections and learn in community. Group size is typically 4-6 coaches and all groups follow a strict code of confidentiality

Interested in Learning More?

If you are interested in learning more about individual or group supervision and exploring how either approach can support your development as a coach go to our contact page to request a complimentary discussion.