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Introducing Catalyst Cohort Coaching (C3): Accelerated development for emerging leaders.

For 15 years, Catalyst has worked with senior executives to help them perform at their best. Yet over those years, many of these clients have said “I wish I had this coaching much earlier in my career.” And so the Catalyst Cohort Coaching (C3) program was born.

The Program

The C3 program is a development experience designed to increase the effectiveness of emerging leaders as they start to assume greater responsibility in their organizations. The six month program integrates individual and cohort coaching, as well as training on practical leadership effectiveness skills. We do this in short, impactful sessions that do not pull the leader from their responsibilities for a prolonged time.  These sessions are linked together in a consistent process, creating opportunities for the leaders to practice new skills between sessions.  Learning is further reinforced via the accountability of a “what worked/what didn’t” debrief discussion in each session.

Individual Coaching

Prior to the group experience, each participant receives a 360 assessment and individual debrief of the results.  The leader then creates a development plan with goals that will be worked on throughout the program and thereafter. Leaders will meet with their coach individually at the mid-point of the program and prior to the last cohort session to focus on individual development goals.

Cohort Coaching

The cohort comes together monthly as a group for highly interactive sessions to learn and practice new leadership skills.  Participants commit to learn new talents that can be applied to their own business challenges, and share their experiences with the group.  Immediate peer feedback reinforces and accelerates the development cycle. 

Leadership Development

Leadership development modules are selected to meet the needs of the cohort.  Some of the modules we offer include:

  • Creating vision and strategy
  • Delegating for accountability
  • Building productive relationships
  • Leading high performing teams
  • Delivering effective feedback
  • Managing conflict
  • Leading in a transforming organization
  • Leader as coach

Cohort Objectives

Leaders in the cohort will:

  • Build understanding of their impact as a leader on others and identify their leadership strengths as well as blind spots via a 360 assessment
  • Create a leadership development plan and work on clearly defined development goals increasing their leadership effectiveness in a consistent, supportive, accountable environment
  • Develop new leadership skills that will enable them to step up to a new level of leadership and deliver greater value to their organization
  • Develop a network of peers that are committed to the cohort’s collective success during and after the program concludes.