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An organization can only be effective and aligned as its own leadership team.

Leaders know when they are part of a team that is working below its collective performance potential, and they know the high cost of this reality.

We see common drivers of this condition including misalignment on strategy, lack of trust, or unclear roles and responsibilities.  We also often see executive teams avoiding constructive conflict to minimize further damage, but at the high cost of leaving critical points unsaid.

These behaviors become manifest throughout the enterprise as employees follow their leaders' examples. The result is often missed operating goals, creation of silos and politics, increased turnover, and overall stress. And though they may not understand the root cause, customers can sense these problems through their interactions with a company, which can create further competitive challenges.

In contrast, a well-aligned executive team can lead to an unstoppable organization with motivated employees and delighted customers.

Catalyst works with executive teams to understand what has led to the challenges they are facing, and to facilitate the conversations needed to clear the air in a way that is constructive, not destructive.   We then work to:

  • Create a shared definition of success for the organization and of how the team needs to lead collectively to achieve this success.
  • Build new ways of working together and communicating that will sustain and grow the team's effectiveness moving forward.
  • Support each leader in cascading this framework throughout each team and across the organization.